Our fire safety training courses have been designed to give your staff the tools to be able to deal with issues relating to fire in the work place.

From small office to factory setup, it’s your duty as an employer, under the “Fire Scotland Act 2005” to fire train your staff. We help make this process simpler by offering a range of Fire Training specifically for staff, covering the elements and factors needed most.


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Courses can be run within your business premises, or in a neutral setting, depending on numbers. Each of our fire training courses are practical and enjoyable, and staff should leave with a confident level of knowledge, and to be able to tackle a variety of fire related situations.

We are aware that not every business has exactly the same need, so we are happy to develop a custom training session, focusing specifically on the areas of concern you may have for your business.

Training Courses currently provided by Fesscom include:

Enhanced Fire Safety Training

This Fire Training course will ensure your staff understand Fire Safety Legislation and fire precautions relevant to their workplace. It will also discuss and educate on the correct fire procedures to follow when reacting to fire based incidents and various aspects of fire safety in the workplace.

Fire Warden / Fire Marshal Training

While the specifics of the Fire Warden may differ from company to company, there are range of responsibilities, actions and activities that generally make up their role in the organisation. Our Fire Warden training course aims to cover those responsibilities, ensuring those involved have a greater awareness of the threats of fire, how to prevent such a scenario, and how to react should a scenario occur.

Practical Fire Extinguisher Training

Extinguishers can look like simple appliances to use, until it comes time to use them in a fire related situation. At that point, it often becomes clear how dangerous they can be if used incorrectly, or indeed if the wrong type of extinguisher is used for the scenario. As such, our Fire Extinguisher Training course aims to give participants practical experience of tackling a live (controlled!) fire with an extinguisher, while providing greater understanding on the variety of extinguishers that exist, and their uses.

Custom Fire Safety Training

For those looking for something more specific for their business, we can tailor or training to suit. Simply get in touch to discuss your requirements.


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