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Maintenance and servicing of your Fire Extinguishers is a legal requirement and must be carried out annually as a legal minimum.

It’s also important to ensure servicing and maintenance is carried out by a competent person or accredited company, otherwise you may find your insurer refusing to cover damages.


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What does Extinguisher Maintenance entail?

Different types of extinguisher require different types of servicing. These include:

Basic extinguisher Service:
An annual inspection required for all extinguishers. This service covers weight, pressure, label legibility, damage, corrosion and working order of tubes and mechanisms.

Extended extinguisher Service:
A number of Fire Extinguishers also require a 5 year maintenance check, which can include a recharge and test discharge.

Maintenance and Servicing to BS5306 standards

All of our Extinguisher maintenance and servicing work is carried out to BS5306 standards, and certification is provided by us for your records on completion.

After servicing your fire extinguishers, we can schedule future maintenance visits, reducing your worry of when the next inspection is due. Our job is to keep you fire safe and legal so that you can get on with your job!

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If you’re unsure of your extinguishers service and maintenance history, or indeed if you are unsure if you have the correct type and volume of extinguishers for your premises, please get in touch.


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