Fire extinguisher sales, servicing and training across Edinburgh, Lothians, Fife, Glasgow, Central Belt and North England.

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Fesscom Services can carry out the annual maintenance of your portable fire extinguishers. All of our engineers are fully qualified to ensure that quality standards are maintained and servicing is carried out to the relevant British Standards. The annual service will be carried out in accordance with
BS: 5306 part 3′ 2017.

fire extinguisher sales

All businesses, big or small, must have Fire Extinguishers on their premises by law. How many extinguishers are needed, and which type, depends on the size and potential fire risk of the premises. We can supply you with whatever types and quantity of fire extinguisher you need for your premises, to ensure you stay legal and fire safe.

Dry Risers

Maintenance and upkeep of dry risers is not only essential but a legal requirement. Our experienced engineers are available to carry out both 6-monthly inspections and annual pressure tests to ensure your dry riser is safe and effective.

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fire extinguisher servicing

Maintenance and servicing of your Fire Extinguishers is a legal requirement and must be carried out annually as a legal minimum. It’s also important to ensure servicing and maintenance is carried out by a competent person or accredited company, otherwise you may find your insurer refusing to cover damages.

risk assessments

Fire risk assessment is now a legal requirement in most workplaces under the “Fire Scotland Act 2005”. We can take care of that for you and put in place risk reduction strategies to protect you fully at a fair and reasonable cost within your budgets.

fire training

Our fire safety training courses have been designed to give your staff the tools to be able to deal with issues relating to fire in the work place. From small office to factory setup, it’s your duty as an employer, under the “Fire Scotland Act 2005” to fire train your staff. We help make this process simpler by offering a range of Fire Training.


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